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If you don't believe in people, what do you believe in? This is a provocative book for the moment. Highly recommended.
Ryan Holiday
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Obstacle is the Way & The Daily Stoic
Forget everything you thought you knew about Charles Koch and read this book. Charles and Brian offer a clear path to success for anyone who wants to make a difference. An unrelenting picture of optimism that’s a roadmap for solving our country’s biggest problems.
Marc Andreessen
Co-founder & General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Believe in People is a book for anyone looking to make a difference by becoming the best version of themselves. This is the book the country needs right now to help unite people and make progress together. Paying it Forward is the best self-gratification one can get while creating real change for humanity!
Cortez Bryant
Co-CEO, of Blueprint Group and & COO, of Young Money Entertainment
Believe in People is Charles Koch’s most personal book, most substantive book, and best book, all wrapped up into one. Heartily recommended.
Tyler Cowen
Holbert L. Harris Chair in Economics and Chairman, Mercatus Center at George Mason University
Believe in People is celebration of the inherent dignity of every person—and a roadmap to move society closer to that ideal. It elevates the power of social entrepreneurs and hopefully will ignite more of them. In these difficult and unpredictable times, Charles and Brian not only see an expansive and inclusive future, but illuminate the path to get there.
Jonathan Greenblatt
CEO, The Anti-Defamation League
In many ways, Believe in People is one of the best arguments for the value of workplace diversity. Charles Koch and Brian Hooks make the case for the greater power of social change driven by a diversity of every kind of perspective. What makes it different from other, similar approaches, is that this one is based, ultimately, on letting go. It is based on creating systems that allow for ingenuity to flourish and support the risk taking that leads to substantive change.
Alberto Ibargüen
President & CEO, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Believe in People is a wise, thoughtful, and optimistic book. At its heart, it is a book about listening—to the quiet voice inside of each of us that whispers truths about finding our highest calling and discovering our best selves. A timely and important read.
Dave Isay
Founder, StoryCorps

I find Charles Koch’s wisdom to be invaluable. His open mindedness to changing society and giving people the opportunity to shine are so well written and explained. 

Most of us know the word “poverty” or “underserved” but we don’t understand how people got there. The insight of Believe in People is – to create change, we must help others. When serving people, we must seek out their needs. When something is broken, we must bond together. 

Believe in People is a historical road map of inspiring people to inspire others. We all need a hero to follow and a game plan for success, awareness and change. This is the DNA of who Charles Koch is! Lifting other when you rise. 

Nancy Lieberman
Basketball Hall of Famer and Nancy Lieberman Charities Founder
Charles Koch’s vision for a better America and his call to action for a new bottom-up movement make Believe in People a compelling and provocative read.
Michael Lomax
President & CEO, UNCF
Charles Koch's dismay about the crippling consequences of partisanship and the nostrums of politicians, businesspeople, and philanthropists is matched by his abiding faith in the way individuals can change our country for the better. Believe in People brims with the humility and humanity of a lifetime spent leading and learning.
Michael Moritz
Partner, Sequoia Capital
Finally, an argument for a free and open society that meets the challenges of our time, head on! Charles and Brian make a clear case for why the future depends on truly living up to our country’s founding principles and, how by uniting with anyone to do right, we can empower every person to realize their potential.
Todd Rose
Former Director of the Mind, Brain, and Education Program, Harvard University & Co-founder and President, Populace

Believe in People is more than a snappy title to an extraordinary book; it’s a challenge to anyone who has ever tried to improve their own life, the lives of their loved ones, the lives of strangers, or the lives of all those with whom we share the planet.   

This is not, however, a self-help book or a collection of bromides and platitudes – this is a deeply personal account of one man’s remarkable determination to live the best life he can, by remaining true to the values his parents instilled into his very hard head, at a very young age.   

Believe in People is a survival guide for the social entrepreneur in all of us—a manifesto for do-goodery—written by one of the greatest philanthropists to ever live, at a time in history like no other. I recommend you read it, and then, as time allows, live it.

Mike Rowe
Executive Producer, Host and CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation
Read about many men and women who changed themselves, the lives they touched, and hence became part of a wave of lives changed. The book is summed up in Charles Koch’s own words: “My North Star is a society in which every person can realize their potential.”
Vernon Smith
Nobel Prize Winning Economist and George L. Argyros Endowed Chair in Finance and Economics, Chapman University

Charles Koch is truly one of our great Americans, a man determined to make the world a better place. He is my friend. I know him as a searcher, a kind man, not content to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his personal journey. Instead, he felt it essential to encourage others to find their individual passions and what it is they love and do well. Encouragement like this can change the paradigm of people’s lives therefore empowering them to recognize the same in the next person.  We all have something to offer and the message such as in this book can be the spark that changes lives. We all want to know how Charles Koch did it. The answer lies within these pages.

Actor, Entrepreneur, Entertainer and New York Times Bestselling Author​

Believe in People offers a unique look at how the fundamental features of entrepreneurship, and inspiring and investing in individuals who are passionate about solving problems creatively, are essential to overcoming long-standing economic and social challenges in the US (and abroad). Charles Koch shares stories from his own life as well as those of other people and organizations that took risks, empowered from the bottom up, forged partnerships with unlikely partners and used sound business practices to tackle entrenched problems. Charles offers a roadmap for how we each can harness the power of entrepreneurship and individual contribution to build more resilient communities and find real solutions to many of the problems we confront in America today. In the process, Charles shares lessons from which we all can learn and a means to achieve solutions-focused engagement with each other going forward.  

Tony Welters
Executive Chairman, BlackIvy Group and Chairman Emeritus, New York University School of Law
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For anyone looking around the country right now and thinking “There has to be a better way,” this book is a guide for you.